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As always it is important to share a story with your child each day, allowing them to hear how stories are structured, can they guess what may happen next? Or how the story might end? After reading the story can your child describe the main characters, can they tell you their favourite part of the story? Could they continue the story or give it an alternative ending? You can gain so much from a story!

If you have limited stories at home you can always download the app 'storytime with cbeebies' which gives you a variety of interactive books that your child can get involved with and answer questions at the end.

Within nursery we often use the 'magic arm' where we break down CVC words for the children to hear each sound within the word e.g. can you touch your 'l-e-g' can you pat your 'h-e-a-d' can you 'h-o-p'. the children love doing this and it is a great start to their reading!! Have a look at 'magic arm sounding out words'.

Magic Arm

We use 'jolly phonics' within nursery for the children to firstly hear the initial sound in words. You can find many of the actions and songs available for these on You Tube ( some actions whch we have changed within school but obviously the sounds are still the same!) maybe chose a sound a day and collect objects with your child beginning with this sound so they can hear it within the word!

Jolly Phonics

Cbeebies is a great site to educate your child. Alphablocks introduces them to the letters and sounds they make (in a fun way!) in order to make words.


Pobble365 is a lovely site that introduces the child to a different picture each day in order to get them talking about what they can see, what may have happened and why? Talking is such an important tool for communication, story telling and hearing sounds. are offering free sign up to all parents, there are lots of games the children can explore and work sheets you can download.

Click here for Twinkl guidance


Maths can be easily accessible at home by allowing the children to

  • Weigh ingredients when cooking
  • Set the table with the correct number of knives and forks
  • Count segments of an orange
  • Sort toys into categories
  • Play what's the time Mr Wolf
  • Count when playing hide and seekSearch for number and shapes around the house (numbers on houses or car number plates if you venture out!)
  • Measure sticks
  • Build with Lego or blocks

As well as number songs; such as 5 current buns, 5 little speckled frogs and 5 cheeky monkeys (if you're not sure of these ask your child they will be able to sing them all!)

Again Cbeebies is a wonderful site. Numberblocks teaches children about number properties and counting. They also have a number of games and clips to watch focused around numeracy.

Numberblocks offers free games (we often use these on the whiteboard in nursery, the children particularly enjoy the dinosaur counting game). where you can select the age and subject you want to focus on has maths games as well as stories to read (which I will definitely be using with my daughter)

As well as all of the above ... please get your children outside wherever possible, keeping physically active is so important at this age; climbing, running, kicking/ throwing/catching a ball or generally being out in the fresh air! Allowing them to play, use their imagination, get messy and have as much fun as they can! It may not look like learrning but children gain so much from this sort of environment, sharing, problem solving and being creative!


Little Treasures' Nursery


We provide a wide range of new experiences and activities for the children and we encourage independence and self confidence throughout. We have a caring and experienced staff team who are dedicated to our nursery and the well being of our children.

Our aim is to enrich and stimulate the children's experiences, to provide opportunities for them to progress through learning situations, and to help them develop skills relevant to their needs in school. We will also encourage them to develop socially and to form good relationships with other children and adults.

Twice a week we have a 'Forest School' session. we spend all of the session in our local woodland.

Forest School sessions are based on a Scandinavian idea. Children follow their usual curriculum, but in a woodland context, using learning and teaching strategies which raise self-esteem, develop confidence, independence and language and communication skills.


Mrs d'Albert-Moss  Mrs James  Mrs Williams  Miss Hamilton


  • Ofsted registered
  • Teacher led and highly qualified support staff
  • Highest standard of care and education
  • Fresh and healthy food cooked on site
  • Inspiring environments that enrich opportunities

Sessions are from 08.50am - 3.20pm daily during term time.

Children may access their government funded 15 hours during any nursery session throughout the week.

Children can attend extra sessions and these can be paid for as an addition to their 15 hours.

For more information on the governments  30 Hours Tax Free Childcare please click on the link.

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30 Hours Tax Free Childcare

 The Inspiration behind 'Little Treasures'

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