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Easter Activities 10/4

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Select a story book, read one part or all of it then try one of the following activities:

  • Select your favourite word, see if it has other words which rhyme with it.
  • Look how often the word is in the story
  • Ask questions about the story to check understanding: What happened at the start? Who was the main character ? When ... Why ... How ... questions to check understanding.
  • Does an animated version of the story appear on-line? Or are there other stories from the same author on-line?
  • Website to explore: Year 1 search/reading comprehension or other reading activities.


Keep practising your phase 3 and phase 5 sounds (below). Make sure that you can read real and nonsense words containing these sounds.

Websites to help with this:


Ideas to explore:

  • Copy part of your favourite story and add your own ending.
  • Find the main charcters and write a list of things about them.
  • A fantastic website focussing on a new picture every day. It shows inspiring ways to write. Look at the picture for the day. Create a question box/list of questions about the picture. Use the picture to write simple sentences.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings

  • Look at common exception words(see attached grid):
  • Read and spell these words.
  • See if there are other words you could link to help you sort the spelling. For example: bear ... pear, bike,...spike...hike.
  • Check (It is a great site for you to try out).
  • Review the spellings from your spelling book (Look, cover, write and check)..


  • Practise counting in steps of 2,5 and 10
  • Practise reading and writing your numbers from 0 -100 in digits.
  • Measure the length of different objects in your house/garden.
  • Explore Year 1 Maths

Make it /Craft ideas

  • Draw a picture or make a model of a castle using recyled materials. Try to include all of the main features.
  • A record of board games and card games played; it may be a simple table of the name of the game, who I played with, what happened?



Science - think about what a plant needs to grow. Choose a plant to grow from a seed. Record the changes that you see.

Other subjects

Explore Curriculum Visions


Keep all you work in the book provided and we can share them when we return to school.




Welcome to Year 1

Our Year 1 team is really looking forward to an exciting and happy school year.

Although the transition from Reception to Year 1 can seem to be a little scary, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible, encouraging learning through play and first - hand experience. As we progress through the school year our curriculum naturally includes more  structured activities and the children will spend longer on their recorded work.

It is important that we provide many of the opportunities that the children have already experienced in the Foundation Stage, including use of a role-play corner and learning outside the classroom. Maths, literacy, phonics and reading activities will take place daily to provide stepping stones for the children's learning and the wider curriculum is taught through topic based activities where appropriate.

In Year 1 the children will be encouraged to develop their independence, to find their own belongings and to be responsible for them. Social skills are very important and the children are encouraged to be kind to each other and to be helpful and polite in class. The children are taught 'Rainbow Fish Rules' and are expected to keep them. We use a reward system in class to help with our classroom management.

We value any parental help greatly and welcome any willing volunteers to help with  activities in the classroom, especially hearing readers and assisting with creative activities. If you feel like you would like to lend a 'helping hand' please be in touch - we would love to see you ! We would like you to read with or to your child everyday. Spellings should also be practised on a daily basis.

It is wonderful to see the children grow in confidence and maturity as they become more independent learners; they always seem to enjoy all the new experiences that they are able to access in Year 1.

Mrs Langford & Mrs Spreadborough

Our School Values


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