English - KS2 (Y3 - Y6)

Word List - years 3 and 4    

accident(ally) early         knowledge purpose         
actual(ly earth         learn quarter         
address eight/eighth length question     
answer enough library recent        
appear exercise material regular
arrive experience medicine reign
believe experiment mention remember
bicycle extreme minute sentence
breath famous natural separate
breathe favourite naughty special
build                       February           notice         straight              
busy/business forward(s) occasion(ally) strange             
calendar fruit often strength
caught grammar opposite suppose
centre group ordinary surprise
century                    guard                      particular therefore 
certain guide peculiar               though/although  
circle heard perhaps thought
complete heart popular through
consider height position various
continue          history          possess(ion) weight            
decide                    imagine               possible             woman/women
describe increase potatoes  
different important pressure  
difficult interest probably  
disappear island promise  


Word List - years 5 and 6

 accommodate             criticise(critic + ise)  individual                   relevant                     
 accompany  curiosity  interfere                  restaurant           
 according  definite  interrupt  rhyme
 achieve  desperate  language  rhythm
 aggressive  determined  leisure  sacrifice
 amateur  develop lightning  secretary
 ancient  dictionary  marvellous  shoulder
 apparent  disastrous  mischievous  signature
 appreciate  embarrass  muscle  sincere(ly)
 attached  environment  necessary  soldier
 available  equip (-ped, -ment)  neighbour  stomach
 average  especially  nuisance  sufficient
 awkward  exaggerate  occupy  suggest
 bargain  excellent  occur  symbol
 bruise existence  opportunity  system
 category  explanation  parliament  temperature
 cemetery  familiar  persuade  thorough
 committee  foreign  physical  twelfth
 communicate  forty  prejudice  variety
 community  frequently  privilege  vegetable
 competition  government  profession  vehicle
 conscience  guarantee  programme  yacht
 conscious  harass  pronunciation  
 controversy  hindrance  queue  
 convenience  identity  recognise (ze)  
 correspond  immediately  recommend  

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